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Settlement Café


Career Settlement Café – Prabas Talk


The career settlement Café is a popular program among Nepali immigrant residing in Ontario that helps to bridge among relatively well established immigrant with others looking to expand their employment and self employment career advancements. It is called Pragik Bhetghat Sabha (प्राज्ञिक भेटघाट) and herewith refered Prabas Talk. Main activity of Prabas Talk involves experience sharing, mentoring and volunteer training through idea sharing. The module is focus on mainly experience sharing and identifying best available recourse by skilled and experience community member to the community member seeking to eliminate specific idea or skill or body of knowledge gap. This module found highly effective at all levels of experience and expertise.

Whether a community member is at the exploratory stage of starting first venture in Ontario or already engaged but still seeking for better settlement opportunities this modules serves perfectly. The end goal is to provide a forum named “career settlement café” to facilitate steady and ongoing career growth and better settle to move towards dream career landing. The underlined core principles are to create a an community professional network to work togather to help individual member to be personally active, economically productive and socially responsible as anticipated by Canadian values and traditions.


Career Settlement Café – CHIPS


The career settlement café initiates a coffee and snacks networking opportunities at startup called “Chiya Paan Samaroha (CHIPS)”. Only intrested, pre-screened individuals from Nepali communities are invited to participate for CHIPS and excercised to meet up with experienced and established resource persons. At the start it breaks ice, allow opportunity to speak inthe area of interest that becomes a contributors to build ongoing strong professional relationships. It can be utilized an opportunity to exchange knowledge critical to career advancement and other relevant rules and regulations.

During a short meet up, ideally experience sharing leading an exchange of various helpful but relavant resources occurs. It becomes very productive when they become well familiar with each other and session enters into responding for specific advice or direct answering to the questions of mentee. The answer and advice from subject matter experts to mentee during CHIPS session found highly effective and helpful for their career development.

In addition to career advancement and business topics, many social and settlement topics relevant to specific candidate as newcomer or a new entrepreneurs can be discussed. More importantly it will deliver positive energy, enthusiasm and openness to all participants to motivate themselves for continuous success in their own career endeavors.CHIPS is a new initiatives among Nepali immigrant to Ontario.

Till today, a rare but very effective Café meet-ups is being held as per convenience of targeted groups in Ontario and other issues like availability of mentor and resources for the session.


Career Settlement Café – Mentoring Module