मङ्गलबार, ०६ चैत २०७४, १३ : ३०

Social Mentoring

The social mentoring is a very well prepared mentoring program that assymbles a group of closed matched individuals from Nepali immigrant community and provides opportunities to discuss employment, self employment and work-related issues and generate possible options/solutions to some of the challenges. A professional relationship among nepali diasporas who shares professional expertise, experiences and support and a group of less experienced planning to excel their career in similar fileld is develop to enable and achieve full potential.

The CHIPS coordinator receives intrest from mentee, listen actively and sympathetically, understand background, identify their goals, expectations, availability for mentoring and make conclusion on what can be reasonably frameworked as potential solutions and form a group of menteed with closely related bojectives. CHIPS co-ordinator works further to identify and manage a good fit mentor. In several occasions ask community members for referrals and help to find right fit mentor.

After satisfactory profile matching, regardless of context and purpose, keeping mentee at the centre and the reflective practice as cornerstone, the social mentoring program is launched. Program start with manageable small group with robust content, sustainable just right accessories. An opportunities to learn from mistakes are fully utilized for continuous improvement, minimise risks and develop good and safe practices for future programs.