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Narayan Ghimire

Narayan Ghimire (Nepali: नारायण घिमिरे; born Nepal, 1970 February 15) is a Canadian Nepali with specialized skills in creating innovative food and flavorings ingredients. Ghimire is well known across the globe for his specialize skills on how to materialized food ingredients like vegetarian meat, vegan cheese and tobacco less e-Vape liquid for e-Cigarette. He is also first food scientist and flavorist who has adopted a concept of capturing every body of knowledge recovered through experimental development activities in real time using custom mind mapping concept and the iMindMap software.

Mr. Ghimire is the first Nepali to receive Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt qualifications and securing Certified Flavorist title from British Society of Flavourist (BSF), UK. Ghimire is American Society of Quality (ASQ) Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) and Certified Quality Engineer (CQE). Ghimire have over twenty-two years of experience as a Food Scientist and Lean Six Sigma Change Leader in the agri-food, food ingredients and flavorings industry. Every year he engages with team of food scientists, technologists, analytical chemists and flavorists to make around 300 custom designed innovative food flavorings job successful. Most of those creations are offered as innovative flavorings and food ingredients to the largest food manufacturing company across the globe. That are proven to be successful to meet their next generation changing market needs.

Before immigrating to Canada, Ghimire was a prominent food scientist and technologist in Nepal and have succeeded to develop over eighteen new food products and four New technologies. Ghimire takes special interest in promoting food science research, technological advancements and disruptive innovation potentials in agro-food ingredients. He is also a first food scientist and flavorist who have started body of knowledge and technology skills transfer to Nepal through electronic media like YouTube video and face to face orientations or interactions in Nepali language.

Life and education

Ghimire was born in Yampa Phant, Bhadipur- 8, a small village in the Tanahun District of Nepal. As a young boy, he grew up in Yampa Phant with much caring but freedom environment provided by his father Mr. Dasharath Ghimire and mother Late Manikarna Tiwari. During his childhood, he was occult detective fictions reader.

Ghimire received Lean Six-Sigma Master Black Belt from Villanova University, USA. He did post-graduation in Quality Assurance in Pharmaceutical Science in Toronto. Ghimire was Graduated as a Food Technologist from Tribhuvan University (TU) in 1994 with Graduation in Project Management as well. Ghimire immigrated to Canada as highly skilled immigrant under skilled immigration program and had assumed landed permanent residency of Canada. In 2013, Ghimire accepted Canadian citizenship offered by Canadian Government. He is married with Kalpana Rijal. Narayan and Kalpana have one son, Lee Ghimire. Ghimire family lives in Scarborough of Toronto, Ontario.

Professional Career

Ghimire is a senior member of prestigious American Society of Quality (ASQ), Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and British Society of Flavourists (BSF). Ghimire was awarded with prestigious professional title and certifications for different professional bodies across the globe. For example Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) and Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) by American Society of Quality (ASQ), Certified Food Scientist (CFS) by Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), Certified Flavourist from British Society of Flavourist (BSF) and Applied Science Technologist (AScT) by The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) He also have secured Certified Pharmaceutical Analyst qualifications and have achieved practitioner status in Mind Mappings and Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Projects claim.

Professional Engagements

Ghimire started his career with Decentralization Support Project of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Nepal. Later he joined a Joint Venture of World Food Program and Ministry of Education of Nepal as Technical Director. He engaged to recommend an alternative course of cost effective nutritious food handling, transportation and storage at rural area where availability of infrastructure were the constraints. Coordinating among world health organization (WHO), Nepal Food Corporations (NFC) and World Food Program (WFP), Ghimire measure the outcome of nutritional significance of nutritional food supply project while serving as Senior Nutritionist to Nutritious Food Supply Program.

Ghimire has established Yampa Food Processing Center (YFPC) as first privately owned food science and research center of Nepal by his private efforts. The aim was to develop innovative custom food ingredients, spices and flavorings. As intended, YFPC at Yampa Phant became a pioneer company of Nepal and successfully developed 18 New Food Products and 4 New technologies within 18 months of it’s establishments. The capability YFPC for reinventing innovative dry snacks and dry foods appeared enormous. Unfortunately, a severe political conflict between maoist rebel and government of Nepal impacted the company. Unexpected insecurity resulted both research center and manufacturing wings off YFPC temporary closure in 2005 following complete shutdown of the corporations in 2006.

In 2006, Ghimire was migrated to Canada and updated himself about new and emerging body of knowledge in food and food ingredients and pharmaceutical excipients sectors. Immediate after, Ghimire joined Ministry of Environment as a Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) Technologist. Later date, he was invited to joined Flavorchem International Inc. the largest 100% Canadian Flavor House as a Food Scientist and Flavorist. Ghimire exhaustively engaged with top management of Flavorchem in establishing largest in north america spray drying facilities and that succeeded overwhelmingly. That motivate company to jump it’s ability into next level by establishing next generation research unit and analytical laboratories equipped with GC-MS- artificial nose, Reactions and Innovation labs. Flavorcan invested significantly into people and hardware and software to integrate research and development with manufacturing based on lean six sigma culture and capturing every details of body of knowledge acquired through innovative experimental development projects in real time using ERP-X3 and Mind Mapping with customization as required.

Ghimire represented company top management and engaged with IT consultants and departmental heads to purchase ERP-X3 and custom designing it making flavour house friendly. When highly doubted ERP business intelligence customization succeeded, it helped do maintain company wide business intelligence to facilitate lean six sigma culture while eliminating non value added operations removing huge maintenance and operation cost in real time. Meantime, Ghimire was also involved in writing company wide quality manuals and operation procedures that could link customers to manufacturing, and manufacturing to research & development with customer’s real time feedback. Ghimire developed a Sensory Evaluation Gold Standard and procedure to interlink sensory findings with GC-MS-Artificial nose findings to provide specialized professional help to food scientists, flavorists and application specialist. A continuous learning by doing opportunities help Ghimire to excel his ability to recognize the potential for continuous improvement and deliver innovative food ingredients and flavoring ingredients to food manufacturing industries through re-inventing.

Currently, besides serving as full time technical head to Flavorcan International Inc. Mr. Ghimire is serving in different scientific peer groups, sprint groups, and business and academic institutions. Ghimire is also playing the role of adviser and think tanks as disruptive innovation expert and lean six sigma change leader to some business houses on as required basis.


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