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Narayan Ghimire

Narayan Ghimire has over 25 years of experience as an Innovative Food & Pharmaceutical Scientist and a Lean Six Sigma Change Agent in the agri-food, herbal, and medicinal ingredients industry. Every year, he supervises and participates in creating over 300 custom designs, innovative healing food, and medicinal ingredients. Those creations are offered to the largest food, pharmaceutical, natural medicine, and animal food manufacturer to meet their next-generation marketing needs.


In 2009, Mr. Ghimire joined a leading Canadian innovation center and flavor house as Chief (scientific research and experimental development) Corporate Leader. Before that, he worked as the Innovation Scientist (Lean six sigma change agent) with Asian Food Processing and Research Center; while offering four new technologies and 18 new innovative products to food manufacturing industries.


Under his leadership and coordination, full-fledged Creation Labs, Innovation Labs, Powder & Spray Dry Labs, Application Labs, and Quality Control Laboratories, he has been successful in developing the institutional ability to create any customer named innovative ingredients (for example, flavors, colors, taste, other value-added innovative ingredients like healing actives, masking agents, shelf life-extending principles, clouding agents, and stabilizers, etc.) at the price they needed as per changing market demands.


Working with the world’s largest operation, Mr. Ghimire leads applied experimental development and innovation initiatives that provide 100% natural vegan meat, eggs, cheese, and milk ingredients solutions to food industries. They offer all-natural types of vegan cheese and milk analog ingredients. It provides innovative vegan and natural vegetarian meat, vegetarian eggs, and savory ingredients solutions. Mr. Ghimire has acquired exceptional expertise in healing foods, cannabis, natural medicine, animal foods, supplements, and pharmaceutical manufacturing innovation.


Narayan worked in establishing five spray drying facilities, advanced analytical labs equipped with GC-MS – artificial nose, Innovation labs, Cannabis Innovation and Research Facilities, Quality Control Lab, and Sensory Lab. He also has established custom-designed ERP business intelligence to implement real-time lean manufacturing in North America. Narayan is a senior member of the American Society of Quality (ASQ), Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), and British Society of Flavourists (BSF).

Narayan is a Food Science Graduate. He did a university post-graduation in Drug Quality Functions Deployments. After that, he pursued Ayurvedic Healing Scientist Designation.

Mr. Ghimire holds Lean Six-Sigma Master Black Belt professional certification with several other certifications, including ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, ASQ Certified Quality Engineer, IFT Certified Food Scientist, BSF Certified Flavourist, OACETT Applied Science Technologist, Certified Pharmaceutical Analyst, and SR&ED Practitioners.