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Vedic notes on Metaphysical Energy and Willpower.

By Narayan Ghimire


(For the first time, logical decoding is done based on the Vedic view of how metaphysical energy and willpower synchronise in the body’s healing and spiritual bliss.)


If you critically review Vedic principles and to date available claims made by bio-science, you will not find any gap in between. When you separate Vedic principles and outcomes of scientific ce it misleads you that those two are entirely different schools of thought. That is no more than an unintentional blunder.


In my understanding, the Vedic view is a theory. All the scientific approach that comes from experiences are covered in Vedic principles. When you try to validate your thought with science, you need laboratory settings to test if they satisfy the activities in reality.


Vedic Gyan is called A-Gyan. A because it speaks about the ultimate reality of nature. The science we called as B-Gyan. It is pronounced as Vigyan. It is so because it tests smaller portions of ultimate reality and analyses how it is being implemented in the particular pieces you are being reviewed.


When you want to figure out how any part of the machine is moving in the way it is moving, you can cut it into smaller portions, break it down and can review the way it is constructed. You then gather scientific logic and principles to figure out how it is working the way it is working. You can reconstruct it through reverse engineering.


That machine is man-made and results from the principles humans have already understood.


To figure out how your body works in the way it works, you probably still follow the same way you did for the machine. You will end up with no way to reconstruct these living bodies in the lab through reverse engineering.  The reason is simple. It is nature made. And the principle of construction followed by nature to construct living bodies still needs to be fully understood.


Science has yet to fully understand how non-matters like your thoughts and emotions convert into matters and vice-versa. The inability of science to test the ultimate reality does not mean it does not exist, nor does it live the way it is assumed.


After the end of the dictatorship era of Einstein’s science, a successful uninterrupted introduction of quantum biochemistry uncovers the facts of how a ray of light is ultimately responsible for constructing material reality.  We understood the no and slow vibrational energy field of dark energy. And also high vibrational light energy.


We also get an answer that dark is not only the absence of light but also an approximately null vibrational energy field. It helps us to dig further into where the so-called fundamental physical reality mass came from.


In the microscopic view, science witnessed that a particle is just a wave packet. It behaves like little light particles (corpuscular luminous bodies). However, it is just a wave-particle duality. As it is in wave nature, it does not follow Newtonian mechanics.  Mass is just a transition interface between the energy and momentum of a particle. Mass is a measure of energy in wave view.


A wave representing a particle consists of two types of energy. The first is moving inertia or tendency that constructs momentum. The second is resting inertia which makes a posture independent of vibration. The momentum is responsible for corpuscular luminous bodies and the resting part of the dark side of energy.


The moving inertia makes electrons and photons. And the other inert constructs composite atomic nuclei, viz. proton and neutron. The resting energy as nuclei is much larger than moving energy and behaves like a massive pointed object.


It shows that all the force is energy-to-energy interactions, not the mass-to-mass as we thought of gravitational and other influences. This indicates that the transactions between none matter into the matter and vice-versa are also energy-to-energy interactions of wave functions.


It also witnesses that dark energy is composed of ‘excitation-waves’ in the vacuum without luminous characteristics. It can behave like dark matter. And obviously, occupy significantly greater space than visible matters.


The protons and neutrons are also constructed with some energy field that cannot further break down like electrons. Protons and neutrons get almost their mass from the nuclear force. Both particles are made up of three exceptionally fast-moving quarks. These quarks are bonded together by gluons. The gluon particles carry powerful force. The interactions between the quarks and gluons give protons and neutrons their mass.


In the vacuum, almost all energy field is massless. The massless energy field transforms into elementary particles. In Vedic language, a vacuum is called Akasha or empty dark space. A space where a non-matters only exists is in the Tama stage means in a stable posture.


As per Vedic understanding, the universe is constructed by both visible and dark energies, as science does. The dominant role of energy functions of corpuscular luminous bodies or photons is responsible for making our materialistic world. The metaphysical aspect of life is predominantly a result of energy-wave parts from dark energy combined with materialistic components constructed by visible wave functions.


The human body is constructed mainly from visible particles. The living aspect called Atma (similar to the soul but not equivalent) results from visual and dark energy functions. Mind is the portion of dark energy containing ‘excitation waves’ and behaves like dark matter.


Mind and Atma are massless non-matters that can control momentum constructed by their energy functions.


The way our physical body is constructed is well understood now. There are no differences in the Vedic principles and scientific outcomes on how our physical body is built. I have already written and published those details earlier. In this article, I am writing about the metaphysical aspect of our life. As science has yet to develop its capability, we need to rely on Vedic explanations to realise the intangible aspects of our life.


When nature wants to express itself, a portion of massless dark energy excites into excited energy wave functions. Those wave functions entangle into infinite wave packets trapping finite numbers of excitation energy waves. Even though they are in wave packet form, they still behave like energy wave functions as it is massless and contain entangled energy functions. It is called the ‘Universal Mind’. Is unknown yet the driving force behind that interest in expression. That strange is called God, translated as the willpower of nature.


When a tiny fraction of the universal mind is absorbed into the human body, it is called the Mind. The Vedic language says Maan or Chitta to the Mind. The Universal Mind is omnipresent.  The mind has typical swinging monkey-like behaviour even though it has originated from inert dark matters alike energy wave functions. The Universal Mind condenses into a universal dark-energy wave function. It is called universal consciousness (Samuhit Chetana or Parmaatmaa).

The universal consciousness spreads and surrounds everywhere all over the universe. Quantum entanglements connect the integral parts of universal consciousness. Thus they need no known media to communicate with each other. They show spooky actions at a distance.

It is a universal principle that the universe’s gross energy (Natural Resources) is fixed. It has different forms. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. But can convert from one format to another. It applies to dark energy and visible energy.

The Upanishads (Vedic Texts) talk about two kinds of energy manifestations. Those that can experience by our senses (hearing, touch, sight, taste, smell) is called Apara Prakriti. A dominantly manifested by visible energy web functions. The other type that cannot be physically experienced (inner or spiritual world) is para Prakriti. A dominantly displayed by dark energy web functions. The mind, cosmic energy (universal consciousness), life (Vital force) and personal consciousness are Para types.


Universal consciousness is a type of energy web function that can be transformed into a life force (vital force) through further condensation and fusion.


Fatty acids are the main constituents of the membranes of the sperm head. It holds the nucleus with genetic materials and cytoplasm. The cytoplasm mainly contains salt, water, and protein that fills cells. At the tip of the head is the acrosome. The acrosome bound to the sperm membrane includes a fatty acid layer with enzymes that allow the sperm to “digest” the egg’s outer layer at fertilisation. The midpiece or “neck” of a sperm contains mitochondria. That generates the energy for the sperm’s activity and movement of its tail. The tail is made up of a protein and forms an axial filament. It propels the sperm through the seminal fluid.


Sperm cells show characteristics of living organisms. Metabolism of sugars produces energy, causes growth (maturity), and helps them move on their own. However, they contain only half the genetic information to complete a cell. And cannot reproduce independently.


Chromosomes are made up of DNA, which carries genetic information. Once sperm cells combine with the egg, they join with the chromosomes of the eggs, making a diploid organism with 46 chromosomes and acquiring the ability to reproduce independently.


After a couple of weeks, once the egg is conceived, the embryo forms a neural plate. The neural plate is the base of the nervous system. As it grows, it becomes longer, folding in on itself to become the neural tube. The tube bulge transforms into the brain, while the rest of the tube part stretches into a spinal cord and eventually develops into the rest of the nervous system. The neural plate absorbs life force.


The nerve cells of our body can easily absorb those life forces. Once it is absorbed into nerve cells, it creates a consolidated dark energy web function called Nerve Force. The nerve force is experienced as consciousness and called Chetana by Vedic texts.


Chetna has a kind of specific electrical impulses. Once manifested, the electrical impulses generated by the Chetana rapidly flow throughout the nervous system and the brain. The electrical impulses (Human Impulses) crossing over nerve cells create a magnetic field (Human Magnetism) impulses, as seen in Faraday’s law of induction.


Thus produced electromagnetic field of nerve force creates the human activation and repair domain. That is called the natural healing power of the body. Human impulses and the human magnetism responsible for generating the human energy field are mainly accountable for healing the human body against all types of stress, including the body’s defence system and momentum to restore normal functioning acquired through birth.


An electric current is a flow of electric charge. This charge is often carried by moving electrons in a wire in electric circuits. Electrolytes can also have ions. Unlikely, the electrical impulses of consciousness are concentrated in the cell body (called SOMA). The vital force as an essence of energy capable of rejuvenating and boosting the effectiveness of SOMA power is called SOMA RASA by the Vedic literature.


The axons and the dendrites of nerve cells are the human wire. The regular momentum of these human wires dissipates the stimuli to and from the SOMA. Such incentives send the electrical or chemical signal as impulses to another neuron or the target effector cell called neurotransmission.


It is believed that the entangled energy wave functions of emotions and feelings of consciousness can display instant spooky actions with bio-nervous energy. The bio-nervous point is found throughout the body and thus can instantly follow the human instinct for neurotransmission before the human brain can realise it.

The spermatogonial stem cell (SSC) is a precursor of sperm cells. In the seminiferous tubule of the testis, the spermatogonial stem cell remains as single cells. It undergoes incomplete cell division and plays an essential role in maintaining highly productive spermatogenesis by self-renewal.

The continuous generation of daughter spermatogonia that differentiate into spermatozoa transmits genetic information to the next generation. This process needed a constant supply of life force.


The life force can absorb into breath, food and water.


A constant supply of life force to those cells is maintained through breath, food, and water. The breath is significant in carrying the universal mind (Space), thoughts (Space), and vital energies (life force renewal) into the body. Food as earth elements, liquid as Jaal elements, oxygen and other gases as Vayu elements and lights and fire as Agni elements also supply vital energies to renew life force throughout the bodies besides fulfilling regular nutritional, repair and maintenance, and recreational rejuvenating needs.


The life force renewal components found in breath, food and water are SOMA Rasa. The features that help to protect as antioxidants, immune and healing are called medicinal. Mental tonics or Kayakalpa. Physical tonics are called those that fulfil nutritional and physical rejuvenating needs. Otherwise, foods are those that eliminate temporary hunger, and water is something that satisfies thirst.

From the Vedic perspective, the human energy field is the healing power of the human body. Healing power is dominantly derived from vital force (Prana or Aatma), derived from the universal mind.


A portion of the universal mind (called Mind, and stated as Maan or Ahankaar in the Vedic texts) works as a binding glue between nerve force (Consciousness) and bio-nervous entities. The predominant phenomenon that switches body parts into a fully living entity.


The Maan as binding glue is the first starter of all voluntary and involuntary willingness. Based on that, all voluntary and involuntary activities run the way they are running. Thus fabricated starter force is called Nadi. Nadi is a network of channels through which a typical pulse of prana energies travels through the physical body, the subtle body (like emotions, thoughts, sensations, energetic shifts, mind, and ego etc.) and the causal body (the root or seed potential for a sensory experience like tanmatras i.e. Anand or bliss).


Human willpower is the essence of feelings built with the assembly of an individually combined battery of Maan, Aatma and bio-nervous entities (Karmic Battery), turning the whole community into living giants. In which the Maan is responsible for fabricating the initial desire. That desire is either accepted, modified, or rejected by the willpower to dictate a person’s karma or activities with his/her free will.


Your Maan is a fundamental constituent of the whole assembly of the karmic battery. Your desire is responsible for keeping you in hell or heaven situations in your everyday life. Your thoughts and feelings are liable to construct suffering or heaven-like experiences in your consciousness. Your willpower keeps you at the unbiased centre of both, at a bliss point.


As a predominant and starter ingredient of your willpower, your Maan or desire is the key factor that builds your intelligence and intellect. It is also the root cause of your happiness, sadness, or bliss. The same dictates your healing, rejuvenating, and life force renewal aspects that determine your healthy, robust, alive posture or the opposites.


It is worth explaining that the same Vedic principles suggest the value of being close to nature and a nature-friendly lifestyle. And the minimally processed plant and minerals-based nature-grown foods. It witnesses that naturally available herbal foods and the breath carries higher proportions of vital energy (Prana Portions). That is needed as mental tonics for your mental and spiritual growth. Animal foods are fabricated by reprocessing natural minerals and herbal foods by living beings’ bodies; they contain relatively weaker pranic energy. But with more concentrated tonics suitable for building physical strength.

  (Mr Ghimire is a food and drug scientist. And a founder of VedTalk, the Veda and Vigyan. He can be reached at narayanghimire@yahoo.com)


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